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This was fun jazzy scavenger hunt

Loved the game but I can't get candy to go into the warehouse since I already grabbed a sample candy earlier in the game. It sucks I can't just use the candy I got earlier. 

Hi, I'm not sure I understand what happened. Did you try to give the candy from your inventory to the man outside the warehouse?


This is really great, but I do wish there was a way to make the text go faster

Thanks! I agree with you, I'll be uploading the fixed version once the jam is done.


A very charming puzzle game! it took me a while to figure out that you need to click on someone with an object to talk about it, and as mentioned by others the item combining system would be better as drag and drop.

the font you're using doesn't have certain characters, which shows up in the names of the painters, once dave has left, you can still click on his chair and he talks to you, the guy at the flower shop still recognizes you if you're in disguise. the puzzles were mostly pretty good, and i loved the story. :)

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Thanks, your feedback's been very helpful! I'll upload the fixed version once the judging period for the jam is over. :)


"Are you Justin Case?"


When the jazz kicks in, mwah. Writing's superb. Discovery felt natural as the story progressed; nothing grating about classic adventure game design struck me in terms of burying the lead here. I inadvertently stumbled upon the hawaiian shorts solution due to how the inventory interacts. Dragging items atop each other might slow players down to at least consider any given combination (although it's still a genre-pational hazard we have to get past).

Couldn't get past the Rembrandt puzzle. With a four-digit entry I tried combinations related to the date of the Rembrandt painting, and how EXIT could otherwise be translated. Even after knowing the other paintings and their corners are involved, I couldn't get through.

(My logic; visible corners in 2143 order are 0110. If it's a direct numerical correlation EXIT added would be 58 or 5(X), 8(T). 0618?)

Otherwise really enjoyed playing! Thank you!

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Thank you so much for playing and the review. I like your thinking on how to solve the puzzles. :)

You were right about the Rembrandt date being the code. Did you press enter after putting it in?

Here are the codes for all three rooms for you and maybe for someone else who is also stuck:

Room 1: Date of the Rembrandt painting i.e. 1654

Room 2: The clue is 2143 and you have to enter the number of corners of each of the paintings in the correct order. The first painting has 4, second has 0, third has 2 and fourth has 6, so the code is 0462

Room 3: Use the corresponding number of each of the alphabets, so E is 5 and I is 9. Add for X and T so X is 2+4=6 and T is 2+0=2, so the code is 5692


I was pressing enter and the hearing the undeniable sound of wrong, yes. Thank you for the hand!

Oh, that's strange. I hope it's not a bug, I'll test it again.


Really enjoy this game but I can't figure out the second clue for the museum door

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Thanks for playing! For the second room, you have to enter the number of corners on each painting in the order provided in the clue. The clue is 2143, so enter the number of corners on the second painting (which is 0) first and so on. 

Edit: Keep the clues equipped as you enter the passcode so that you can see the paintings and the clue at the same time.