Justin Case is back! This time his task is simple - get Pear a pizza. Easy enough, right? But somehow he ends up conducting a murder investigation and feeding a hungry protester instead. Will Pear ever get her pizza?

Controls: Left click for selection. Space to open inventory. Right click to use objects in inventory. Drag to combine objects in inventory. Space to place back objects in inventory.

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Tags2D, Point & Click


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I've download the zip, then extract them with zarchiver, but i can't find the apk..can you help me?

It's a PC build so there's no apk (Pizza Pursuit.exe is the executable file). I hadn't considered building it for android but if there's enough demand I might. :)

Huh? Where is the money? I'm stuck lol

Hi, it's in the pocket of the jeans in the cupboard.


This is a really great adventure game, but unfortunately I'm stuck on the memory card puzzle :(

Thanks for playing! For the memory card password, select the numbers of the serial number on the camera corresponding to the highlighted boxes on the piece of paper you must have found inside the camera.


Finished it! Really enjoyed the whole thing, and I'm impressed with the amount of content you put in for the short amount of time we were given.

Thanks! :)


I love this series!

Thank you so much!

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Love the game! Hilarious, great story, and I feel like the puzzles were a good level of difficulty (although the memory card password took me a while). Really nicely done :)


Thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate it!