You play as a nurse working in a COVID ward. Experience the consequences of decisions made by the citizens and leaders of your city. You can get different endings based on the path you took.

How to play: Use arrow/WASD to move. Left click patients while you're next to them to talk to them. Right click patients while you're next to them to open their chart. Fill in their vitals, give them their meds, administer tests and put them on ventilators when necessary.

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Tags2D, Management


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Might be a bit late to the party, but for some reason i cant write '/' when checking BP. I do have a non english keyboard though 

Hi, please try pressing the key immediately to the left of the right shift key to get '/'. (This is the location of '/' on a US layout keyboard - Unity uses the physical location of a key rather than its label ). Do let me know if it works. :)


I didn't understand charting for a number of rounds, and (I'm using Opera) I can't administer medicine reliably, because it won't click so I can't get through Day1. Cool idea though!

Sorry about that! I tested the game in Opera but couldn't recreate the bug.

Would you mind telling me exactly what happens when you try to click on the meds? Do you hear a sound after you click? Also, when you mouseover them, does the cursor change and a label appear next to them saying "Give pills/IV bag X"? This would help me identify and fix the issue.

Thanks for playing and your feedback. :)


I love this kind of games! I've enjoyed it a lot :) Good job

Thank you for the kind words, it really means a lot!


this would a a stressful game for me :)

Haha, yeah it is a little stressful. I recommend not paying too much attention to the time and just managing your tasks well. :)


I like it, but the mouse is delayed and the time is super fast.

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

I've updated the game so hopefully the mouse issue is better. I think the lag is mostly happening in the web version, the downloadable version seems okay.

As for the game difficulty and time going fast, it's a little late to adjust that, I'll try to do it after the jam. :)


Thanks for fixing it! I already downloaded the game bc I liked it a lot!


I think this is a neat approach.  I like the graphics and the interactions.  Couldn't figure out which medicines to give without any info on them, but I played through a couple of times and used a bit of deduction.  Great entry!  I totally would NOT like to be a nurse...too stressful!  

Thanks for playing! It means a lot. Looking forward to playing your game :)

(The name of the medicine shows up on mouseover, so if pills A have been prescribed in the chart, you just have to click on the pills that say A when you mouseover. )